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June 22, 2011

Self-Defense Not Allowed in South Africa

Posted by Dave Blount at June 22, 2011 11:15 AM

As liberalism continues to corrode American civilization, the greedy mob represented by the federal government will become impatient waiting for its representatives to redistribute our wealth to them. They will come take it for themselves, secure in the knowledge that the ruling class will prevent us from defending ourselves. If you want to see our future, have a look at South Africa:

A 35-year-old home owner was arrested for attempted murder in Fordsburg, Johannesburg, on Tuesday, Gauteng police said.
Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele said the resident was arrested at 10am after he shot a 30-year-old man inside his house who had attacked him with a steel pipe.
Mbele said four men broke into the owner's property and upon arrival two men were outside the house and two inside.
"Two managed to run away… it is alleged one of them [inside the house] tried to attack him with a steel pipe."
The owner shot the man once in the lower body and his friends ran away. Police doing their crime prevention in the area headed towards the house after hearing the gun shot. …
"The owner of the house was arrested for attempted murder and his firearm was seized."

There is exactly one good thing about South Africa. You can escape from there to America. When America becomes South Africa, where will we go?

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