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June 7, 2011

Obamunist Attempt to Sabotage Second Amendment Continues to Cause Havoc

Posted by Dave Blount at June 7, 2011 2:49 PM

What possible motive could the Obama Misadministration have for "walking" American guns into Mexico? The answer is obvious — to attack the Second Amendment by getting people killed with them:

Whistleblower ATF agents have made it clear as to the motive for the illegal scheme that has created an 'international incident' between the U.S. Government and the Government of Mexico. The agents themselves are adamant that their supervisors planned the scheme in order to pad statistics that would show U.S. guns are fueling the drug cartels, that the U.S. has a major problem with lax gun laws, and then provide an impetus for the Obama Administration and other gun control advocates to hype up anti-gun hysteria — all in support of another round of restrictive gun laws.
But there is a much more sinister motive at play.
Mike Vanderboegh, who, along with David Codrea, first broke the story of this sordid scheme, reports today that the media is willing to roll out any theory as plausible, except for the one the agents themselves say is the correct one. In fact, one writer referred to the agents' story as a 'tin foil hat' theory.
As noted in Vanderboegh's response the motive was not only about padding statistics. The ATF needed stacks of Mexican bodies lying next to the weapons that came from the U.S.
And that is precisely what they got. A total of 28,000 Mexicans have been murdered in the drug wars over the last few years. Stacks of bodies have, indeed, been found near the border and in small towns nearby. U.S. guns have, indeed, been linked to many of these killings, and one was used to kill a U.S. Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, last year.

Now our moonbat rulers have just missed adding a helicopter crew to the kill count:

CBS News has learned that the recent case of a Mexican military helicopter forced to land after it was fired upon is linked to the ATF Fast and Furious "gunwalker" operation.
Drug cartel suspects on the ground shot at Mexican government helicopters two weeks ago in western Mexico, forcing one chopper to land. Authorities seized more than 70 assault rifles and other weapons from the suspects.
Among the seized weapons are guns sold to suspects as part of the ATF sting operation, sources say. That information came from traces of serial numbers.
"Shooting at an aircraft is a terrorist act," says one U.S. law enforcement source. "What does that say if we're helping Mexican drug cartels engage in acts of terror? That's appalling if we could have stopped those guns."
The Department of Justice provided no information or comment when asked about the incident by CBS News.

CBS's willingness to report on the "Fast and Furious" scandal, by which Obama's ATF and Department of Injustice facilitated the acquisition by Mexican criminals of 2,500 American guns, must have the Manchurian Moonbat chomping on his nicotine gum more furiously than ever. If the establishment media were to wake up to its responsibilities, this story alone would bring down his whole regime in a matter of weeks.

brian terry
Brian Terry, casualty of Obama's gangster government.

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