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June 30, 2011

Even John Lennon Outgrew Liberalism

Posted by Dave Blount at June 30, 2011 6:34 AM

Compliments of Cons.Underground.

Few people could better personify progressive politics than the creator of the moonbat anthem "Imagine." Yet, like wetting diapers, liberalism is a stage that is left behind in the course of healthy development. Elvis Presley loathed John Lennon for his leftist views, but might have thought better of him toward the end of his life, if it's true that Lennon finally began to grow up:

John Lennon was a closet Republican, who felt a little embarrassed by his former radicalism, at the time of his death — according to the tragic Beatles star's last personal assistant.
Fred Seaman worked alongside the music legend from 1979 to Lennon's death at the end of 1980 and he reveals the star was a Ronald Reagan fan who enjoyed arguing with left-wing radicals who reminded him of his former self.

According to Seaman,

"I also saw John embark in some really brutal arguments with my uncle, who's an old-time communist… He enjoyed really provoking my uncle… Maybe he was being provocative... but it was pretty obvious to me he had moved away from his earlier radicalism.
"He was a very different person back in 1979 and 80 than he'd been when he wrote Imagine. By 1979 he looked back on that guy and was embarrassed by that guy's naivete."

Imagine if Lennon hadn't been killed by a kook. He might be out hunting with Ted Nugent by now.

john lennon
It's never too late to leave adolescence behind.

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