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June 10, 2011

Carbon Credits for Killing Camels

Posted by Dave Blount at June 10, 2011 1:12 PM

Not only people suffering from the regulation-choked economy stand to get hurt by the bizarre godless religion currently known as Climate Change. In moonbattery-addled Australia, animals too can take it in the neck:

Kill a camel, earn cash for cutting greenhouse gases: That offer may be coming soon in Australia, where vast numbers of the nonnative, methane-belching animals have been trampling the Outback for more than a century.
The government has proposed that killing camels be officially registered as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Australia has the world's largest population of wild camels — an estimated 1.2 million — and considers them to be a growing environmental problem.

Hunting is great. Culling and even eliminating wild pests is fine too. But industrial-scale eradication in the name of a bogus ideology makes you wonder who these lunatics will kill for burping next.

Mark Dreyfus, the government's parliamentary secretary for climate change, said he hopes the proposal wipes out camels from the Australian wild.

Where are PETA activists now that we finally have a use for them? Never mind, I know where: busy pushing the bad taste envelope over the edge:


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