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May 6, 2011

Stanley Thornton, Liberal Avatar

Posted by Dave Blount at May 6, 2011 11:16 AM

Just as the arrogant and unqualified oligarchical collectivist Barack Hussein Obama personifies the modern liberal politician, Stanley Thornton perfectly represents the increasingly infantile public that elected him:

Like any other baby, Stanley sleeps in a crib, wears diapers, and loves nothing better than being comforted by his mother as she bottle feeds him.
Except Stanley Thornton is 30-years-old - and his 'mother' is really his room-mate.
Mr Thornton seeks comfort in being treated like a baby, a condition known as paraphilic infantilism.
The 'adult baby' lives out his fantasies at his California apartment, where he has built himself a giant crib, play pen and even a man-sized high chair.
He spends his days playing with Lego as he sucks on his pacifier, and being spoon or bottle-fed by his room-mate Sandra Diaz, who willingly acts as his mother.

Who takes care of the bills? You do. Thornton lives off disability, claiming to have a heart condition.

That's okay Stanley. You don't need to work. Just suck on your pacifier, crap in your diapers, and Big Government will force someone else to pay for everything.

It's the Safety Net reduced to its purest essence.

What liberalism is "fundamentally transforming" Americans into.

On a tip from AC.