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May 25, 2011


Posted by Dave Blount at May 25, 2011 6:45 AM

Leave it to straight-talking Congressman Allen West (R-FL) to sum up the Obama Regime's Jeremiah Wright-inspired policy toward our ally Israel in one word: malicious.

South Florida Congressman Allen West accused President Obama of "nefarious and malicious intent" when calling for Israel to accept pre-1967 borders as part of a Middle East peace settlement.
While many of Israel's advocates opposed the president's stance, West, a Plantation Republican and tea party stalwart, delivered the most withering criticism.

The media can get away with calling West a "Plantation Republican" because he lives in Plantation, Florida.

"America has a president who lacks moral courage and integrity when it comes to America's long-standing relationship with Israel," West concluded in a weekly wrapup message sent to "fellow patriots."
"I cannot attribute this incompetent statement to naïveté, but rather to conscious, nefarious, and malicious intent," he added.
"Yes, I am very aware these words and the statement I released will be carried forward all across America, and possibly beyond — and yes they are strong words. However, it is time that someone rose up to speak the truth."

That it is. Those rare few in politics who have the courage to do so will be rewarded by the voters.


On a tip from Byron.