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May 25, 2011

How to Shop for Donuts in Fundamentally Transformed America

Posted by Dave Blount at May 25, 2011 3:04 PM

As America consigns itself to a slide toward savagery in the name of Hope & Change, store owners are afraid to talk to reporters lest their businesses be targeted by flash mobs of feral youths:

Security footage from a Manhattan Dunkin' Donuts shows a group of youths climbing on counters, throwing chairs and throwing tables in a violent attack on workers.
It happened at the Dunkin' Donuts on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village. A $2,000 hot chocolate machine was reportedly destroyed in the attack.
Similar attacks have targeted other stores in the neighborhood in the previous weeks.
The video shows one of the teens throwing a chair and then running up to grab a donut.
A few of the attackers also grabbed drinks out of a refrigerator near the door, and they all quickly ran from the store.
Some businesses and even residents recently have complained about violence in the area. Most of the business owners didn't want to give their names for fear of retribution.

The alternative to civilization is constant fear. Liberals have tricked us into turning our backs on civilization, so get used to being afraid.

Speaking of fear, the one transgression that is still punished effectively is thought crime, so be sure not to think anything racist about these occurrences. Gateway Pundit issues a warning:

Apparently, it's racist to note that all of the youths involved in the attack were black just like the flashmob that attacked the Milwaukee Mayfair Mall in January, the mob that attacked a Dupont Circle store in Washington DC in April, and the flashmob that ransacked a Las Vegas convenience store in early May.

The Frankenstein monster of perpetually aggrieved blacks who have been brainwashed into considering themselves entitled to anything and everything is breaking loose from the liberal social engineering laboratory. Since it's racist to examine the nature of these crimes, don't expect to see them solved, much less prevented.

Hopey Change.

On a tip from AC.