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May 19, 2011

Adult Baby Stanley Thornton Threatens Suicide if Thrown Off the Welfare Gravy Train

Posted by Dave Blount at May 19, 2011 10:01 AM

Remember the welfare parasite and "adult baby" Stanley Thornton, who whiles away his work-free time crapping in his diapers, which are presumably changed by his room-mate, the fellow welfare parasite Sandra Dias, who pretends to be his mommy? His story can serve as an inspiration to liberals wondering just how far they can take their ideology. But a villainous Republican has cast a shadow on his domestic bliss:

A key senator has asked the Social Security Administration to investigate how people who live their lives role-playing as "adult babies" are able to get taxpayer-funded disability payments — after one of them was featured on a recent reality TV episode wearing diapers, feeding from a bottle and using an adult-sized crib he built.
Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican and the Senate's top waste-watcher, asked the agency's inspector general to look into 30-year-old Stanley Thornton Jr. and his roommate, Sandra Dias, who acts as his "mother," saying it's not clear why they are collecting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits instead of working.
"Given that Mr. Thornton is able to determine what is appropriate attire and actions in public, drive himself to complete errands, design and custom-make baby furniture to support a 350-pound adult and run an Internet support group, it is possible that he has been improperly collecting disability benefits for a period of time," Mr. Coburn wrote in a letter Monday to Inspector General Patrick P. O'Carroll Jr.

Thornton reacted in character with an infantile tantrum:

Mr. Thornton threatened to kill himself if his Social Security payments are taken away….
"You wanna test how damn serious I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food. Try it. See how serious I am. I don't care," the California man said. "I have no problem killing myself. Take away the last thing keeping me here, and see what happens. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag."

As Dirty Harry would say, "Make my day."

stanley thornton
One XXX-large body bag coming right up.

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