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April 12, 2011

Now They're Coming for Chocolate Milk

Posted by Dave Blount at April 12, 2011 1:48 PM

You can see why educrats have begun to forbid lunches brought from home. Parents might let their kids consume all manner of poisons — like chocolate milk:

It was once a staple of public school cafeterias that blended the indulgent and the nutritious, satisfying parents and children both. But chocolate milk is uncontroversial no more. Dozens of districts have demanded reformulations. Others have banned it outright.
At the center of these battles are complex public health calculations: Is it better to remove sugary chocolate flavorings at the risk that many students will skip milk altogether, missing out on crucial calcium and Vitamin D? …
When Fairfax County [VA] and D.C. schools banned chocolate milk last year from elementary lunch lines, officials heard not just from parents and students. They also received letters and petitions from a slew of nutritionists and influential special interest groups.

A food fascist dispenses with the argument that banning chocolate milk leads to children getting less of the nutrients they need:

"Trying to get students to consume calcium by drinking chocolate milk is like getting them to eat apples by serving them apple pie," said Ann Cooper, a leading advocate for healthy school lunches.

You wouldn't expect the authorities to allow your children to eat apple pie, would you?

Don't worry: our moonbat rulers will protect the children.

On a tip from Dan F.