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April 11, 2011

Bruce Springsteen Spews Redistributionist Moonbattery but Doesn't Want to Pay Taxes

Posted by Dave Blount at April 11, 2011 9:21 AM

There's phony, there's really phony, and then there's Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen has made $zillions combining drab pop music with a left-wing populist persona that he props up by poking his nose into political issues beyond his extremely limited comprehension. For example, he recently denounced Chris Christie for trying to get New Jersey's spending under control:

In a letter to his hometown newspaper, legendary rocker and Garden State icon Bruce Springsteen laments its recent report about how the state was slashing programs that help its poorest citizens while sparing more affluent residents from the budget axe.
"The article is one of the few that highlights the contradictions between a policy of large tax cuts, on the one hand, and cuts in services to those in the most dire conditions, on the other," Springsteen writes to the editors of the Asbury Park Press. "The cuts are eating away at the lower edges of the middle class, not just those already classified as in poverty, and are likely to continue to get worse over the next few years."

More economy-strangling taxes for employers (a.k.a. the rich), more free goodies for the deliberately cultivated parasite class. Sounds like a plan — but not if Springsteen has to help pay the bill:

Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen have been making hit music for years and it's no surprise that they've earned enough money to buy big mansions with acres of property, but what might surprise you is the huge tax breaks they, and others, are getting.
It turns out, as far as New Jersey tax collectors are concerned, that they are farmers.

That's because if you call yourself a farmer, you get a massive tax break.

Through a trust, Bruce Springsteen owns more than 200 acres in Colts Neck. The taxes for his house and three acres are more than $138,000. But because of the farm tax break, the tax bill on a little more than 200 additional acres is less than $5,000. Town officials say he has horses and an organic farmer working some of the land. A lawyer for the trust had no comment.
In another part of Monmouth County, Bon Jovi has an estate on the Navesink River. Taxes on the mansion and some property add up to $295,68 but his tax bill on an additional 6.85 acres is $104 because he raises honeybees.

Bon Jovi is moonbat too, by the way. But when it comes to liberal hypocrisy, the noisily Obamunist Springsteen is the Boss.

Hold your skull tight so that it doesn't explode; here comes some more moonbattery — the presumed purpose of the tax break:

[M]any say these tax breaks help preserve New Jersey open space and limit development.

Not all of New Jersey's economic problems are caused by pathologically greedy teachers unions and excessive taxation that drives the productive out of the state. Big Government taking upon itself the task of limiting development is a key reason we will leave to the next generation a poorer America than we inherited from our parents.

Spreading the wealth around is good for everybody — except the Boss.

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