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March 27, 2011

Reconquistadors Aim Their Racism at Ted Hayes

Posted by Dave Blount at March 27, 2011 11:33 AM

Liberals can't seem to find any racism, so they are reduced to inventing it — for example, by denouncing any criticism of Comrade Obama or his agenda as "racist." It's not that they aren't looking hard, or that the racism isn't there. They're just looking in the wrong places.

One of the right places to look would be among Hispanic activists of the La Raza/Aztlan persuasion, who put together the video below, attacking the esteemed countermoonbat Ted Hayes.

Warning: unlike the harmless and/or non-racial remarks that set off libs, this really is racist. Also, the language isn't pretty.

Background, via Judicial Watch:

The video was posted to the internet on YouTube after Mr. Hayes testified, by invitation of Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough, on March 15 before the Judiciary Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates against providing taxpayer dollars for in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens. … The video was initially posted to the video website YouTube by a group with the moniker "The Timmytop," and was subsequently removed. The Timmytop Youtube "channel" includes a number of extremist propaganda videos with messages such as "This Is Our Land Whiteboy [expletive] you Gringo." The videos seem to express support for the La Raza/Aztlan movement, which seeks to conquer the American Southwest and "return" it to Mexico. Notably, the videos attack black and white Americans.

For the most part, the melting pot worked. In contrast, multiculturalism is working out about as well as Hope & Change.

On a tip from Rich.