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March 28, 2011

Ford Surpassing Government Motors

Posted by Dave Blount at March 28, 2011 11:37 AM

Soon after Comrade Obama's seizure of General Motors on behalf of his union bankrollers, Ford is poised to surpass GM in sales for one of the first times since the age of the Model T.

Ford Motor Co. has a shot at beating General Motors Co. for U.S. sales leadership in March, a month in which the Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) of sales is expected to be 13.1 million vehicles. Ford will sell 210,400 vehicles in March to GM's 208,400, according to's forecast released Thursday. …
And if Ford moves ahead of GM in March, it would be largely due to GM's sales drop-off more than any extraordinary sales performance by Ford. In March, GM throttled back on its high incentives spending of January and February that included always-popular customer loyalty and lease pull-ahead deals aimed at getting the automaker off to a fast sales start in 2011. Those deals expired on Feb. 28, and, as is typical when a major incentive program ends, there is a hangover effect.

The incentives, like Cash for Clunkers and all other Obama Misadministration economic solutions, are a short term fix to be paid for later. By whom? If you pay federal taxes, by you. That's why GM is so free and easy with the money:

GM's high incentives dismayed other automakers in January and February. The overall market was healthy and growing. They couldn't figure out why GM was throwing money at it. Edmunds estimates GM spent just more than $3,800 in incentives on each vehicle it sold those months, well above the industry average.

Meanwhile, like Obama's crony capitalist soul mates at Government Electric, Government Motors has not been paying taxes. That frees up vast amounts of cash to spend on lobbying — i.e., greasing Democrat palms to keep the taxpayer money flowing so they can continue to pay people to buy their cars.

Now that GM is an arm of Big Unions and the federal government, it has every advantage over Ford except one: socialists only know how to loot, not how to make cars.

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Socialism is working no better in Detroit than it did in Russia.

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