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March 23, 2011

Claire McCaskill Crashes and Burns

Posted by Dave Blount at March 23, 2011 2:00 PM

Don't worry about Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO). If voters in the Show Me State show the good sense to show her the door in 2012, she can always work in Comrade Obama's tax cheat-laden cabinet — assuming national voters are willing to finish what they started in 2008 by slitting the other wrist. Her plane alone qualifies her:

Claire McCaskill's reputation took perhaps its biggest hit in her nearly five years in the U.S. Senate on Monday when she admitted that she hadn't paid personal property taxes on her private aircraft. This from a woman who once investigated tax scofflaws as Missouri's state auditor.
In a conference call with reporters [Monday], McCaskill described her failure to register the plane with the St. Louis County revenue department a "mistake" and said she had sent the county a check for $287,000 in back taxes covering the past four years.
But could it be that McCaskill's gesture only makes her seem more out of touch with the poor and working-class Missourians she represents?
One could make that assumption considering that the county has no idea how much it is actually owed for the plane's back taxes — which could be far less than the more than quarter-of-a-million dollars McCaskill forked over yesterday.

Once she gets caught cheating, McCaskill can afford to throw around such massive amounts of money because like most of our oligarchical collectivist rulers, she is extremely rich.

Supposedly not paying the taxes was a simple mistake. Yet she went to the trouble of registering the plane in Delaware, then moving it to Illinois, apparently to cheat her own state out of the money.

Confirming her suitability to work for the Obama Misadministration, the plane was used in the Moonbat Messiah's election campaign, although due to Democrat "transparency," it's hard to be sure how much.

One thing is clear: McCaskill billed the government after using the plane for purely political purposes, which is a violation of Senate ethics rules. Via Politico:

Here's Senator McCaskill in New York for a fundraiser, ignoring one of the taxpaying little people she billed for the use of her own plane:

Party's over, Maria McAntoinette. Next fall Missouri will stick a fork in this arrogant Obamunist kleptocrat.

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