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February 25, 2011

Brits Blow £25,000 on Nonfunctional Eco-Classroom

Posted by Dave Blount at February 25, 2011 8:16 AM

It's a good thing eco-kooks have an endless supply of other people's money to play with. Otherwise they would soon go broken on foolish projects like the Living Ark:

The much feted zero-carbon Living Ark classroom was opened three months ago to great fanfare.
It boasts laudable green credentials and is made from sustainable wood, sheep's wool and soil. The roof is made of mud and grass and it has its own 'rain pod' and solar panels.
But there is snag — its solar panels only provide enough energy to power a few lightbulbs.
As a result the classroom is bitterly cold and uninhabitable for lessons.

Apparently the eco-classroom has accomplished its mission of staving off global warming.

You wouldn't be laughing if you were paying taxes in Britain:

The Living Ark was built at Muswell Hill Primary School, North London, at the cost of £25,000.

While parents and taxpayers fume, educrats smile beatifically.

Headteacher Jill Hughes defended the project and said she hoped classes would be held in the classroom when the weather gets warmer.
She said: 'We're delighted to have the Living Ark — its a tremendous resource both for the school and the local community and is an important part of the Muswell Hill low carbon zone initiative.'

Besides, now that they have constructed this sacred shrine to eco-moonbattery, the unicorns are sure to arrive at any moment to blow the clouds away and make the solar panels work.

Maybe Al Gore will trade one of his mansions for it.

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