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January 22, 2011

Glenn Beck Predicted Olbermann's Fall

Posted by Dave Blount at January 22, 2011 10:39 AM

Last November, Glenn Beck earned a denunciation as one of the worst people in the world on Keith Olbermann's now defunct freak show by predicting that Queef would be dumped as soon as Comcast took over MSNBC, because unlike GE it would be more interested in building an audience and generating revenue than in ultra-left propagandizing and Obamunist rump-nuzzling (Chris Matthews, beware). Hilariously, Olbie presented this as evidence that Beck knows nothing about television.

Sure enough, within three days of bureauweenies approving the NBC Universal–Comcast merger, Olbermann got the ax as predicted.

Beck knows what he's talking about, Olbermann doesn't. That's why one is still on the air and the other isn't.

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