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December 12, 2010

Stephen Breyer Sneers at Second Amendment

Posted by Dave Blount at December 12, 2010 7:57 PM

No need to ride roller coasters or watch horror movies if you like to be scared. Just keep in mind that the smirking, twitchy bureaucrat Stephen Breyer is a Supreme Court Justice as you watch the video below:

The Constitution doesn't need to be upheld in the District of Columbia, because if you want to exercise the fundamental rights upon which our republic is founded, you can always ride the subway to Maryland — or to Virginia, after the same reasoning leads to the Second Amendment's repeal in left-leaning Maryland — or to North Carolina, if liberal DC suburbs overwhelm the rest of Virginia — or… You get the point.

Breyer also holds that the Second Amendment doesn't really count because, according to him, James Madison only included it out of political necessity. It isn't necessary to uphold the Constitution; it's only necessary for leftist apparatchiks to uphold the values and intentions they choose to project upon the Founding Fathers.

One more kook of Breyer's ilk on the Supreme Court to join Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan and statist fanatics will hold a majority. At that point the Constitution is effectively null and void.

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