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December 18, 2010

Murdered Border Agent Brian Terry Armed With Beanbag Rounds?

Posted by Dave Blount at December 18, 2010 10:07 AM

Unconfirmed, but unsurprising: Border Agent Brian Terry, killed presumably by Mexicans at the border, is said to have been armed only with beanbag rounds or rubber bullets.

Meanwhile, the Mexicans are armed to the teeth.

DHS has released virtually no information about the incident, likely confirming yet another example of gross malfeasance by Big Sis and her crew.

The Tucson Citizen hopes for the best:

If the report turns out to be true that Agent Terry was armed with non-lethal weapons and was working in an area known for its high degree of violence… that ought to send President Obama a message that there needs to be some drastic changes in the management of the Border Patrol.

But Comrade Obama has been getting that message for two years; he disregards it. The Border Patrol is doing its intended job, which is letting in hordes of future Democrat-voting welfare recipients. Unfortunately for the guys on the ground, the farce of pretending to defend the border while not defending it at all requires a few pawns to be sacrificed.

It would be nice to think that Terry died while defending his country. Actually, he died while providing free police services to hostile aliens as they invaded. He was protecting illegal aliens from Mexican bandits who prey on them, as part of a promise Big Sis made while visiting her friends south of the border.

The border could be sealed in a day. But that won't happen so long as America is run by its enemies. Terry died as a result.

Sent out with rubber bullets against this.

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