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December 10, 2010

Moonbat Barbarians Sack London

Posted by Dave Blount at December 10, 2010 8:07 AM

By succumbing to moonbattery, England made this inevitable. Economically ravaged by socialism, morally and culturally enfeebled by liberalism, the once great country is disintegrating like a cake left in the rain. Here a mob of collectivist savages attacks Prince Charles:

"Whose streets, our streets" is the cry of the modern primitive — the equivalent of drums ominously reverberating through the jungle as the restless natives heat up their cauldrons for some missionary stew. If Prince Chucklehead's endless pandering to the lunatic fringe of liberal politics was meant to make him a man of the riffraff, it has failed. One "student" managed to jab the Duchess of Cornwall in the ribs with a stick.

The barbarians have also attacked the Treasury and set afire the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.

Turn back, Britain. It's almost too late.

On tips from J and Ummah Gummah. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.