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November 10, 2010

Michael Bloomberg Launches War on Soup

Posted by Dave Blount at November 10, 2010 1:38 PM

Ground Zero mosque advocate and NYC Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg has turned his sanctimonious anti-food jihad against soup:

Mayor Bloomberg's latest health campaign — cutting salt intake — has targeted soup as one of the big sodium offenders to be taken down with new city ads.
The ads, which will be plastered on subways for the next two months, feature a half-opened can of soup with a geyser of salt spewing from the top and forming a heap around the can. …
An admitted fan of dumping salt on his own food, Bloomberg said the biggest culprits behind high-salt diets are the food processors that include copious amounts of sodium in canned soup and other prepared foods.

Guess who's paying for this nanny state nonsense? You are:

The campaign costs $370,000 — $130,000 of which comes from city taxpayers. The rest is covered by the federal government, a city Department of Health spokeswoman said.

Just as CO2 is required by plants, salt is an essential nutrient for people. That our moonbat rulers have convinced the pathologically gullible (i.e., other liberals) that ubiquitous and necessary elements of everyday life are public menaces is testimony both to their propaganda powers and to their stark raving insanity.


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