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October 11, 2010

Countermoonbat Ruth McClung Takes Off

Posted by Dave Blount at October 11, 2010 10:08 AM

They said no one could unseat the roach-like but securely entrenched Raul Grijalva in Arizona's 7th district, even after he urged a boycott of his own state in an attempt to discredit the mild steps toward enforcing federal immigration law put forward in SB1070. His machine is too powerful, Tucson is too infested with flaky U of A moonbats, and southern Arizona has already been demographically conquered by Mexico. Grijalva is the only Representative to ever hold the seat. His opponent Ruth McClung may be a rocket scientist, but she has no political experience, no machine, and no chance.

All the same I donated to the McClung campaign. I had the lucky chance to talk with Ruth at length and found her not only as sharp as you would expect of a physicist, but sensible, thoughtful, informed, and honest. Even as a lost cause her quest to liberate district 7 from Grijalva was worthy of support. Now we learn that it's no longer a lost cause, as Robert Stacy McCain reports:

Confirming indications of a building Republican "wave" this fall, polls now show Democrat Rep. Raul Grijalva in a dead-heat with his little-known challenger in Arizona's 7th District. Politico reports that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is now directing campaign cash to help Grijalva against insurgent GOP candidate Ruth McClung. …
Late Sunday night, I spoke to a Republican pollster in Arizona who had conducted a 7th District poll early last week and couldn't believe the result: McClung actually leading by 2 percentage points. So he polled the district again and got similar results. Now those surprising findings have been confirmed by the Magellan Strategies poll that struck alarm among Democrats. Independents in the district are breaking strongly toward the Republican, a Tea Party favorite who is also supported by about a fifth of voters who identify as Democrats.

It looks like the strategy of sending punks out to steal Ruth McClung yard signs isn't working as well as Grijalva must have hoped.

Co-chairman of the Progressive Caucus, Grijalva is among the most extreme ultra-leftists in Congress. Replacing him with a Tea Party patriot like Ruth McClung would be a crushing defeat for moonbats.

If you'd like to see Grijalva shown the door, do your part here.

Ruth McClung: exactly what we need instead of Grijalva.

On a tip from Byron.