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August 19, 2010

PopCrunch Tells Us the Sky Is Green

Posted by Dave Blount at August 19, 2010 8:02 AM

PopCrunch has taken Obamunist affirmative action to the last extreme of self-parody by listing the top 12 Hottest Politicians' Wives with guess who in the Number One slot:


We've been force-fed this strain of obsequious absurdity since early 2008, but the piece is worth reading for the comments. A few examples:

Michelle Obama? She is coyote ugly, but #1 on your list? Whoever made that decision is blind.
Michelle Obama beautiful!??? WTF pays you blind clowns? She looks like a man in drag! She looks more like a friggin Baboon then a human female. Damn, are you a bunch of ass kissing idiots!
Oh my God!! Did a 4th grader from Chicago compile this list.
Michelle Obama? Are you kidding me? Really, the author of this piece must feel a similar attraction to Chewbacca.
I assume your # 1 pick is satire? Maybe an April Fools prank?
Sorry, Michelle Obama? The woman has SIX toes on one foot. She has a huge rear end and a gut.
Politics or no politics, she's a nasty brute of a woman. Stop letting politics color things that are just not so. It ruins what credibility you have.
I like Michelle, I really do, but "hottest" should be reserved for people that do not resemble Aunt Ester. I feel her addition to the list was to cause controversy but to add her to list as number one means you do not care about the credibility of your opinions.
Is this the Onion?
This a joke right? You people are absolute blind and tasteless.
Michelle Obama ??!! "cool couple" ??!! Are you kidding ? She looks like she has down syndrome, dresses like someone who has no class yet is pretended to have class, and loves spending the American taxpayers' money. As for "cool couple", they are an embarassment, ruin everything they touch or get involved in, and every decision they make is wrong for America. Furthermore, her husband is an effeminate girly-man.
Michelle Obama is a MILF … a mama I'd like to forget.
Michelle Obama is attractive like Stephen Hawking is dumb … like Michael Moore is thin … like Barack Obama is humble. Need I go on?
Michelle Obama? WTF? With a face like that, she has to sneak up on a glass of water. Constantly filling her face with ice cream, she will put on a good 50 pounds before PBO is voted out of office.
Moochell is in no way shape or form suitable for #1. Not even #100. Jeez, you people…
Michelle Obama # 1 is a joke. She looks like a gargoyle or gremlin.
ahahahahahahahhahahaah {EXPLETIVE DELETED} Michelle Obama is #1 WTF?
I want whatever dope this blog is on and I will pay well. You have to be stoner than DMT to think Michelle Obama is hot. Maybe you really like Barack Hussein but are skeered to come out.
Would I rather be stuck on an elevator with a wookie (Michelle Obozo) or with a class act (Barbara Bush)? Hmmmm. Touch decision there (sarcasm intended).
How in the flying {EXPLETIVE DELETED} did obama's wife make this list?

Every single comment expresses contempt for the choice.

They can tell us the sky is green until their faces are blue. Getting us to believe them instead of our own eyes is another matter. If anything good has come of the catastrophic hoax that is Obamunism, it's that by now only dopes haven't learned not to take the media's word for anything.

On a tip from Lyle.