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July 19, 2010

Militant Atheist Uses Hair Dryer to De-baptize the Faithless

Posted by Dave Blount at July 19, 2010 9:28 AM

Just as Christians have their holy paraphernalia — the crucifix, the rosary, the aspergillum — militant atheists have their own unholy accoutrements. For example, the blow dryer:

American atheists lined up to be "de-baptized" in a ritual using a hair dryer, according to a report Friday on U.S. late-night news program "Nightline."
Leading atheist Edwin Kagin blasted his fellow non-believers with the hair dryer to symbolically dry up the holy water sprinkled on their heads in days past. The styling tool was emblazoned with a label reading "Reason and Truth."

What could be more reasonable than insisting that nihilistic ideology regarding all of creation in its infinite intricacy being some random meaningless accident that spontaneously sprang up out of nothing is the truth?

Pushing the envelope over the edge in typical moonbat style, Kagin declares that religious education is "child abuse." His hair dryer is intended to undo the damage inflicted by sadistic parents who baptize their children.

In response to the ridicule, Kagin should be referred to Galatians 6:7.

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