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June 25, 2010

Transsexual Freakazoid Is Ruled Both Man and Woman

Posted by Dave Blount at June 25, 2010 10:20 AM

At last Britain has cleared up the confusion over whether a transsexual is a man or a woman. The answer: s/he is both, depending on whichever is more advantageous.

A transsexual man has won the right to be treated as a man in the marriage system and a woman in the pension system.
Christopher Timbrell, who has changed his name to Christine, [Wednesday] won his case against the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
Three Appeal Court judges ruled he was being discriminated against by not receiving a woman's pension and he will now be paid backdated funds.

It gets even weirder…

Under the Gender Recognition Act Mr Timbrell can apply to be viewed in law as a woman but he must first dissolve or annul his marriage.
Mr Timbrell is still married to his wife, Joy, and they say they do not want to divorce.
Two women cannot be legally married in the UK but the Court decided that Mr Timbrell should be allowed to remain married to his wife, and claim a woman's pension.

Men can't collect their pension until age 65, but Timbrell will get his at 60, because he's a woman — but he's also a man, despite having undergone the ghastly choppadickophomy procedure at age 59, or his marriage wouldn't be valid.

Considering how far the liberal establishment bends over backward to cater to freaks at everyone else's expense, it's surprising they didn't set a new retirement age of 27 for the sexually disoriented.

Christopher Timbrell: Another creepazoid games the system.

On a tip from Steve T.