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June 29, 2010

Morning Briefs for Tuesday Item #1: Moonbats Wail and Moan Over Gun Rights Decision

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at June 29, 2010 3:55 AM

Predictably, some members of the gun-grabbing left are in hysterics over the SCOTUS Second Amendment decision.

People will die because of this decision. It is a victory only for the gun lobby and America's fading firearms industry. The inevitable tide of frivolous pro-gun litigation destined to follow will force cities, counties, and states to expend scarce resources to defend longstanding, effective public safety laws. The gun lobby and gunmakers are seeking nothing less than the complete dismantling of our nation's gun laws in a cynical effort to try and stem the long-term drop in gun ownership and save the dwindling gun industry. The 30,000 lives claimed annually by gun violence and the families destroyed in the wake of mass shootings and murder-suicides mean little to the gun lobby and the firearm manufacturers it protects. - Violence Policy Center

Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! My-yummy! Mm-yummy

And at the Puffington Host...

The Bill of Rights guarantees a right to bear "arms". Probably legs, hands and feet too. If it guarantees the right to carry a gun, then why can't I drive a tank down the street? Why can't I have a loaded cannon in my front yard? Why can't I deply private nuclear weapons? Isn't that guaranteed in the second ammendment? What's the difference? They all kill. They are all effective in the persuit of "self defense" These gun lovers have no interest in self defense. If they did they would rely on the fists God gave them and not on firepower designed to kill. - Huffington Post "Superposter" spiegelp

And the critic who thought The Phantom Menace was an awesome movie says...

"At Least 29 Shot In Chicago Over The Weekend." It's the fault of our damn unconstitutional gun laws. - Roger Ebert

Technically, he's correct.