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June 21, 2010

Item #3: Only in Leftist Fever Dreams

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at June 21, 2010 4:00 AM

Karl Ushanka reports on some hippie douchebag on Alternet who made a Top 10 List of the fears he thinks keep conservatives awake at night.

1. Government Concentration Camps
2. Moooslims!
3. They're Coming to Take Your Guns
4. Article 3 of the United States Constitution
5. Plotting Global Elites
6. The Decline of Married White Christians*
7. The Graying of the Culture Warriors
8. White Minority Status*
9. And the Browning of America*
10. Unions: White working-class "Reagan Democrats" voting for the colored guy? The horror!*

*Note how four of the ten are about race.

The left apparently believes that every conservative tea-partier who believes in fiscal restraint, personal responsibility, limited government, and free enterprise would be 100% in support of a president financing a neo-Marxist re-engineering of our society with trillions in deficit spending... if only he had two white parents instead of one.

The truth is, this is just another liberal projecting his own racism onto the other side. Obama owes his job to liberal racism (i.e. Affirmative Action). Face it: a white ultra-liberal, half-term senator with a history of radical associations would have washed out of the Democrat primaries in 2008 with <5% of the vote, no matter how well he read a Teleprompter. The melanin content of Obama's skin matters way more to them than it does to us.