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June 22, 2010

"General McChrystal Speaks Truth to Power"

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at June 22, 2010 6:18 AM

That's what the headline would read if McChrystal had been the Commander in Charge of Afghanistan operations under George W. Bush, and was on the record saying things like this:

McChrystal, the article reports, took control of the war, the article states, "by never taking his eye off the real enemy: The wimps in the White House."

McChrystal also said the former community organizer was "unprepared" to be commander-in-chief of the military. Now, if he had served under Bush and echoed left-wing criticisms, he'd be a hero. But since McChrystal is instead serving under The Great Messiah of Hope and Change, the MFM are treating his complaints that the president is feckless and incompetent a little differently.

Remember, this is the guy Obama refused to meet with for over six months. But Bammy cleared his schedule to meet with a self-centered teenaged lesbian who became a progressive hero after getting her high school prom canceled.

Demonstrates this administration's regime's priorities pretty clearly.