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June 18, 2010

Ed Schultz Confirms: Of Course It Was a Shakedown

Posted by Dave Blount at June 18, 2010 11:12 AM

Nobody likes the bumbling crony capitalists at BP, least of all countermoonbats, considering that they gave more money to Comrade Obama than to any other candidate in the past 20 years and were lobbying to enrich themselves at the price of our country's ruin through the Cap & Tax conspiracy. But the rule of law applies to everyone, even lizards low enough to crawl into bed with Obama and then get knifed by him. Like Congressman Joe Barton, I find it alarming in the extreme that the President of the USA can exploit an accident to shake down a corporation for a $20 billion slush fund.

Encouraged by the contemptible cowardice of a Republican Party that appallingly stooped low enough to force Barton to apologize, liberals have been squawking in sanctimonious outrage about his entirely appropriate use of the term "shakedown." Yet one of Obama's most loyal cheerleaders at MSNBC used the same term while praising the Hoodlum in Chief for committing this act of grand larceny. Quoting the Stalinist thug Ed Schultz:

President Obama, you are the dude.
The president takes the heads of BP behind closed doors, shakes them down for $20 billion, and gets an apology. …the president of the United States took on a multinational, shook them down for $20 billion for the American people. President Obama got more out of BP than the Congress ever has.
And just remember, weeks ago the Democrats were trying to lift the liability cap from $75 million to $10 billion. … President Obama doubled the amount in a 20-minute meeting.

The $75 million liability cap was no obstacle because under Hopey Change, laws can be changed retroactively into whatever the Manchurian Moonbat wants. This is how it works in tin-pot dictatorships of the sort Ed Schultz and the rest of the liberal media are trying to make of America.

Hold on, Schultz is still crowing:

President Obama has done more to kick ass on oil companies than any other president ever has. … And now, you know what? This $20 billion is just chump change. It's not a cap. It's a start.

The effects on economic stability of having a president whose major accomplishment is to "kick ass on oil companies" and loot them into probable bankruptcy to the delight of his adolescent Marxist supporters will become increasingly obvious as the recession heads into its second dip.

Why couldn't a settlement have been reached by legal means, for example, through legislation instead of by a de facto dictator's decree? Schultz explains:

He can't go to Congress and get $20 billion because the Republicans will never work with him. So his only option is to go to the American people and say look, we're going to hold these people accountable, I'm going to have to figure it out some way. We're going to hold them accountable.
So, he doesn't meet with them right away, but over time he lets this boil up with emotion of the American people, puts BP in a corner as far as public relations is concerned. Let's all get documented, then he says come on into my office, now it's time to talk. And he walks away in a 20-minute meeting with a $20 billion commitment.
Has any other president done that? And the answer to that question is absolutely not.

If the law gets in your way, throw the law out the window and apply extortion behind closed doors. As if Republicans on the whole had any inclination, let alone the numbers or the guts, to defend BP anyway.

Schultz is right about one thing. No other president in American history would have behaved like this. Consider America "fundamentally transformed."

The sort of scum that likes what Obama is doing to our country.

On a tip from Wingmann.