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June 26, 2010

"Democrats Should Blame Republicans for Obama's Failure" - Some Dingbat

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at June 26, 2010 8:27 PM

Some Dingbat at the Talking Points Memo thinks Democrats should blame Republicans for "sabotaging the recovery."

The President, Congressional leaders, and Democrats of all stripes should be yelling day in, day out, that REPUBLICANS ARE SABOTAGING NATIONAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY. AND PREVENTING JOB GROWTH, JUST FOR POLITICAL ADVANTAGE. That should be the message all the time, led by the President.

Yeah, because frankly the Republicans haven't been blamed enough by the Democrats. (/sarc, as though that tag were necessary).

And it's also the Republicans' fault that Democrats --- despite owning the White House, a 59-41 majority in the senate, and a 70 seat majority in the House --- can't pass hard-left legislation in accordance with the president's agenda. And it's the Republicans' fault that massive spending leads to huge deficits. And it's the Republicans' fault that shackling employers with new mandates (health care) and the threat of additional mandates (cap and trade, financial industry over-regulation) stifles job creation.

Can you believe people are stupid enough to believe this crapola?

Oh, I looked up the dingbat on Wikipedia. She's a Harvard sociology professor, and a beneficiary of the grievance industry.

In the early 1980s, she publicly alleged that Harvard had denied her tenure (1980) because she was a woman, a charge which was found to be justified by an internal review committee in 1981, by which point she was teaching at the University of Chicago. In 1985, Harvard offered her a tenured position (its first ever for a female sociologist), which she accepted.

Or maybe they denied her tenure because she's a dingbat who thinks that YELLING AT PEOPLE IN ALLCAPS WILL GET HER POINTS ACROSS LIKE A STUPID AOL NOOB!

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.