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May 10, 2010

Moonbat Tech: Still at the Anal Stage

Posted by Dave Blount at May 10, 2010 9:42 AM

Why is it that so many of the absurd "earth-friendly" gestures moonbats propose relate to unmentionable bodily functions? Freud would probably say their development was arrested at the anal stage; this is supported by the large percentage of liberals known to be a-holes. Recent moonbat tech breakthroughs include recycled toilet paper rolls

The deal is that once you're done with the tissue part of the toilet paper roll, you toss the brown core into the trash, right? However if you buy a Day Re toilet roll… you just extended its life and purpose on earth! The core comes with a sticker tab that unfolds to a memo pad. Good enough to take daily or weekly notes! Question is; do we want toilet paper to be like a coconut tree and use every bit of it? Or do we just want some soft tissues to wipe our bums clean, and that's the end of its story! You decide.

…and worse, from New Zealand:

During studies towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whanganui UCOL, [Andrew] Reilly discovered an affinity for paper-making.
In his research, he found different cultures were making paper from many fibrous materials — including kangaroo poo, wombat faeces and elephant manure.
Back in his hometown of Bulls, there was one logical step.
A couple of bull farmers were more than happy for Mr Reilly to clear their paddocks, and he went to work with the pooper scooper.
Figuring out how to turn raw poo into paper took a bit longer — 15 months in fact, for the smooth transformation to be honed.

No doubt Gaia will be grateful.

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