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May 26, 2010

Item #5: Illegal Immigrants Exempted from Law Enforcement

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at May 26, 2010 6:52 AM

Did you think I was exaggerating when I said that the position of those who oppose Arizona's Immigration enforcement law was that the only people police couldn't ask for ID from was suspected illegal immigrants?

No, that's really the position of the progressive left. And it's been standard operating procedure in California Mexifornia for almost three years.

The LA Times reports two California cities are following LA's lead: they're no longer impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers. Scofflaws apprehended in Bell Gardens and Huntington Park can now reclaim their cars immediately- instead of waiting a month and paying hundreds of dollars in fines and fees. Huntington Park City Attorney Francisco Leal said the impound law imposes an "unfair hardship" on the state's illegal immigrants.

So, if you're an American citizen with a valid driver's license and you get pulled over, the cops can impound your car for thirty days and charge you hundreds of dollars in fines. But if you're an illegal immigrant... they have to let you go with a wave and a smile.

No wonder the illegal immigrant who drunkenly rear-ended and injured an open-borders Massachusetts legislator laughed when the cops arrested him.

And that's what the left means by "social justice." And everybody who opposes the Arizona law is, by default, in favor of that policy.

Also, many jurisdictions refuse to enforce zoning laws when illegal immigrants violate them, for fear of having groups like the ACLU, La Raza, "Casa de Maryland," or Al Sharpton getting upset.

Proving again, the progressive left supports the idea that illegal immigrants should be exempt from the laws citizens are obligated to follow.

And if you think they should follow the same rules as everybody else, then you're a racist Nazi nativist teabagger.