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May 10, 2010

Item #3: Thou Shalt Speak No Heresy Against The Obamessiah

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at May 10, 2010 4:59 AM

Remember back in the Bush presidency when left-wing media outlets like the Today Show and the New York Times couldn't wait to promote any book that contained salacious allegations about the president; such as, for example, allegations that he used and dealt drugs while in college. Oh, wait.... That was Obama talking about himself in his biography.

In any case, the same outlets that were eager to promote anyone who trash-talked Bush have discovered a new-found respect for the presidency. Not only will they not even review any book that criticizes Dear Leader Obama, they are downright nasty about refusing to do so.

Aaron Klein recently sent his new book, "The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists," to members of the media he hoped would review it. He got some very angry responses. Here are some of the more colorful ones:
"Never, ever contact me again," wrote Time Magazine senior writer Jeffrey Kluger.
"Absolute crap," replied Evelyn Leopold, a Huffington Post contributor who served for 17 years as U.N. bureau chief for Reuters until recently.
Ben Wyskida, publicity director for The Nation, claimed Klein's book is "so offensive" and "so far afield."
J. William Bottomtooth of the New York Times replied, "Come the revolution, blasphemers and heretics like you will be burned alive and I will point and laugh."

I may have made that last one up.