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May 25, 2010

Chairman Zero Going Nanners? What do you think?

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at May 25, 2010 5:20 PM

Some of the commenters at Gateway Pundit are speculating that the reason Chairman Zero hasn't given a Press Conference in almost a year is because his handlers are afraid he's on the verge of a breakdown, and a meltdown in front of the press would be bad for business the Revolution.

Apparently, Chairman Zero has been very bitchy lately toward Republicans, toward his staff, and even toward his worshipful, fawning minions in the press.

Chairman Zero has been utterly in over his head. At first, I wasn't going to give him grief over the oil spill, but when I found out that he dithered over letting the state of Louisiana build sand berms to protect the shoreline, I decided to file it under "Obama's Incompetence," a file that's rapidly getting thicker than Keith Olbermann's psych profile. His incompetence has already led to multi-trillion dollar deficits, an utterly ineffectual response to the Euro Crisis, an overt hostility to border control, and utter failure to halt the Iranian nuclear program. Also, he can't close Gitmo, he can't shut down talk radio, and the stock market -- which many Obama fanboys had been pointing to as his success story -- has started going south.

This has got to be tough on a guy who has glided through life without ever facing any significant challenges or opposition.

Is he in over his head and starting to crack? What do you think?