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April 14, 2010

Why Not the USS Benedict Arnold?

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at April 14, 2010 6:18 AM

The US Navy is planning to name the newest San Antonio class amphibious landing ship after corrupt, sleazy, traitorous politician John Murtha.

According to a Navy memorandum obtained by Navy Times, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus notified Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead that he had selected "John P. Murtha" for the previously unnamed LPD 26. It's the latest example of the Navy breaking a convention for naming its warships; the previous ships in the San Antonio class have been named for American cities.

Murtha, remember, unapologetically accused American Marines of engaging in what he called "cold-blooded murder" while defending themselves from insurgent attack.

There is nothing good about who John Murtha was or what he did.