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April 29, 2010

Why Henry "Wormtail" Waxman Turned Tail

Posted by The MaryHunter at April 29, 2010 6:15 AM

Remember those hearings that Rep. Henry Waxman called, in order to compel those evil big corporations like AT&T to explain exactly why they were declaring huge losses only weeks after ObamaCare was signed? Why did the hearings all of a sudden disappear?

Publicly, Waxman said the investigation showed the companies' disclosures were properly filed. But a new report from committee Republicans reveals the documents Waxman obtained included embarrassing evidence that the health-care law could drive up insurance premiums and force employers to dump employees from their health plans.

Which, is just what conservatives and Republicans had been saying about ObamaCare fallout all along: Chairman Zero's promises were pure folly.

Most significantly, documents unearthed by the investigation highlight companies that are considering dumping employees from their current health-care plans in the face of new costs from the health-care law. President Obama repeatedly promised his health-care law would let Americans keep their current insurance if they're happy with it.

Henry "Turn-tail" Waxman resembles the nefarious Peter "Wormtail" Pettigrew in more ways than just a nickname. Just as Pettigrew faked a violent, explosive death to hide his perfidy toward "good wizards," the olfactorius California Representative appears to be hiding evidence of unpleasant ObamaCare realities by blowing things up -- or at least, blowing things over.

Separated at birth? Undoubtedly.

Image courtesy of Framing the Dialogue.