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April 13, 2010

The Party of No

Posted by The MaryHunter at April 13, 2010 5:45 AM

With the Democrats on the defensive and getting beaten up in the polls by their constituents, they are doing what any vicious scared animal does when cornered: lash out. You'll be hearing more rhetoric about the Republicans as "the Party of No" as the frightened Demonrats try to scrap and bite their way to the high ground. But really now, which one is truly the Party of No?

Democrats say no to balanced budgets. They say no to lower taxes. They say no to smaller government. They say no to states' rights. They say no to gun rights. They say no to the rights of the unborn. They say no to sensible immigration laws. They say no to policies that would encourage private-sector job growth. They say no to tort reform. They say no to sensible, targeted health care reform. They say no to pro-growth environmental regulations. They say no to education reform that rewards results instead of teachers' unions. They say no to bipartisanship. They say no to moderate nominees for federal courts. They say no to ending affirmative-action handouts, preferences and quotas. They say no to welfare reform. They say no to tough laws for criminals. They say no to a strong national defense. They say no to families. They say no to faith.

With the nation turning closer toward God, family, frugality, moderation, fair taxes, true leadership, and patriotism, we have a Democrat president and congressional leadership who are rushing the other way. Is there any serious argument as to which is the real Party of No anymore?


Correction: They're the "Party of No" to most things. Here's a "Yes."