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April 22, 2010

A Patriots Guide to Earth Day

Posted by The MaryHunter at April 22, 2010 7:10 AM

The Heritage Foundation has a non-hippy-assed view of protecting the earth:

The left in this country has always considered it "tragic" when people make money in this country, and the plight of the earth is just one of many justifications they have used over the years to demonize free markets. Back in the 70s, President Barack Obama's Director for Science and Technology Policy John Holdren even came up with a formula to measure capitalism's evil impact on the environment: I=PAT, which means that environmental impact is equal to population multiplied by affluence multiplied by technology. Thus according to the left, protecting the planet requires fewer people, less wealth and simpler technology. But this is just flat wrong. In fact, studies clearly show that important indicators of environmental quality actually improve as incomes and levels of consumption go up.

And how do incomes and levels of consumption go up? You said it, Patriot: only through economic freedom.

Specifically, the expansion of trade and the protection of property rights are fundamental to ensuring economic growth and environmental improvement. A recent study from the World Bank reports that freer trade is "a key factor in helping developing countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change." And assigning clear property rights for natural resources like the world's fisheries have proven environmental gain.

The Heritage Foundation article is replete with other examples and studies showing how smart capitalism fosters both growing economies and a better-protected environments -- examples that the prog trolls will either utterly ignore or poo-poo on this unholy day of moonbattery.

Image courtesy of The Heritage Foundation.