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April 1, 2010

Hopey Change in South Africa

Posted by Dave Blount at April 1, 2010 10:25 AM

Hopey Change means America is heading straight down the road of race-based leftist politics. Where does that road lead? South Africa:

Death has stalked South Africa's white farmers for years. The number murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994 has passed 3,000.

Not even Zimbabwe is as bad as the paragon of political correctness, post-Apartheid South Africa — land of moonbat saints Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

In neighbouring Zimbabwe, a campaign of intimidation that began in 2000 has driven more than 4,000 commercial farmers off their land, but has left fewer than two dozen dead.
The vulnerability felt by South Africa's 40,000 remaining white farmers intensified earlier this month when Julius Malema, head of the African National Congress's (ANC's) youth league, opened a public rally by singing Dubula Ibhunu, or Shoot the Boer, an apartheid-era anthem…
Across South Africa many farmers feel endangered. In Northern Province a tribute has been created beneath an enormous sign with the stark Afrikaans word "plaasmoorde" — farm killings. Thousands of white wooden crosses have been planted across a mountainside, one for each fallen farmer.
Recently the government's department of rural development has been airing proposals to nationalise productive farmland as a "national asset".

The "national asset" rhetoric means that as the forces of ethnic righteousness kill or drive away all the whites, the government will "spread the wealth around" by redistributing their farms — except they won't be farms anymore, just fields of weeds, like in Zimbabwe, the erstwhile Breadbasket of Africa, where starvation is now common.

A similar phenomenon has reduced the once thriving city of Detroit to scarcely inhabited ruins. Our encroaching future shouldn't take anyone by surprise; it's a path we've chosen.

The ultimate harvest of the politics of envy.

On a tip from Infidel Joe.