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April 22, 2010

ACORN Boss Calls Tea Parties a "Bowel Movement"

Posted by Dave Blount at April 22, 2010 12:50 PM

In case you missed the Queen of ACORN's little "bowel movement" joke during one of her recent rants, the Daily Caller reports:

Lewis said to applause that the Tea Party movement, a grassroots movement against big government, was a "bowel movement in my estimation" that is associated with "racism."

Lewis also openly embraced the label "socialist."

Why does it matter what kind of filth and insanity oozes out of this creature's mouth? Because she represents the milieu that produced the community activist currently presiding over our government. A peek at Lewis's Rolodex confirms that she maintains close ties with the Obamination Administration.

But ACORN is dead, they tell us. Not at all. As recently as last week, it was still sending out emails asking for money. Currently it is in the process of decentralizing and rebranding, now that so many people are aware of just how vile an organization Comrade Obama's alma mater really is. But with connections to the very top, ACORN will be with us for awhile, under whatever names, soaking up tax money, eroding liberty, and crowing in delight when citizens have their property expropriated under imminent domain on behalf of ACORN allies.

For those who just can't get enough Bertha:

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