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March 29, 2010

Then and Now

Posted by Dave Blount at March 29, 2010 10:42 AM

W's surge and the heroism of our troops in Iraq have turned around everything — even the rhetoric Chairman Zero reads off his teleprompter.

From AP, September 12, 2007:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is calling for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. combat brigades from Iraq, with the pullout being completed by the end of next year. "Let me be clear: There is no military solution in Iraq and there never was," Obama said in excerpts of the speech provided to The Associated Press.

From Comrade Obama's mouth, March 28, 2010:

The United States of America does not quit once it starts on something. You don't quit, the American armed services does not quit. We keep at it. We persevere.

So long as our troops are winning. When things start to go badly because they have to fight with their hands tied, we knife them in the back. That's leadership a liberal can believe it.

On a tip from Edward.