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March 29, 2010

Oh Noes! More ObamaCare-Related Violence and Threats!

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at March 29, 2010 10:32 AM

They warned us that unhinged radicals would threaten violence if ObamaCare passed, and danged if they weren't right! A Pennsylvania man outraged over the Health Care Bill was arrested today for threatening the life of a Jewish Congressman.

The man was outraged over opposition to the Health Care Bill. The Jewish Congressman was Eric Cantor --- a man Obama's fan club has accused of lying about incidents of violence directed against him. Only Dramacrats are allowed to complain about threats and intimidation.

According to the affidavit, Leboon allegedly said in the video: "Remember Eric . . . our judgment time, the final Yom Kippur has been given. You are a liar, you're a Lucifer, you're a pig, a greedy [expletive] pig. You're an abomination. You receive my bullets in your office. Remember they will be placed in your heads. You and your children are Lucifer's abominations."

The arrested man donated to Barack Obama's campaign in 2008.


Es is die zeit fur rache!

Bonus! Comments from progressive lefties on the CNN Story Thread:

Karma is a bitch. Shouldn't have trumped up the stray bullet. No sympathy for this guy.
If I use the tea party's arguments, then clearly Cantor was asking for this kind of violence! He was setting people up! As Glenn Beck said, What does Cantor have to do to get shot?

If I was the #2 republican and I had a bunch of idiots of my congressional party on a ledge egging on the radical righ wing nuts to spite and curse and the democratic law makers that had were just going to make a bill that will help thousands of uninsured folks I would want to get a friendly law enforcement officer to claim he had just arrested a man that was theatening his lif to take the negitive pressure off my party !

Why isnt the Justic Dept. arresting, and charging the racist scumbag's that spit on a government official? Or, the shouted a racial, and communist minded slur as well as threats, to other government official's?

Because it didn't happen, dumbass.