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March 24, 2010

Item #2: Court Only Partially Caters to Teen Lesbian's Self-Esteem

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at March 24, 2010 5:19 AM

So, down in Mississippi, a teenage girl wanted to go to prom with another teenage girl, as her date but the school said, "Unh-Unh."

Now, the girl could have just decided to make the best of the situation and just had an evening with her girlfiend and friends. But, in our culture of entitlement, the idea of using minor adversity as a personal growth opportunity is just ... retrograde. The girl decided that her desire for public validation had to be catered to. So, she sicced the ACLU on the school. The school refused to cave in. Rather than be bullied, the school canceled prom for everybody. The ACLU lawyer -- perhaps sensing an opportunity for the notoriety and adulation that usually attaches itself to these pursuits (e.g. Lynne Stewart) or maybe a plush job at the DOJ Civil Rights Division-- sued.

A judge ruled yesterday that her "rights" had been violated. (Going to prom is a civil right? Who knew? Is the state now obligated to provide everyone with a limo and a corsage a la the right to "health care"?) But the judge refused to order the school to reinstate the prom. So, results were mixed in the case of community values versus self-centered sixteen year old.

The entertainment culture, on the other hand, was more than happy to reward the girl generously for her legal tantrum:

She has appeared on the "The Early Show," "The Wanda Sykes Show" and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to talk about how she is fighting for tolerance. DeGeneres presented her with a $30,000 college scholarship from Tonic, a digital media company. A Facebook page set up by the ACLU for McMillen has over 400,000 fans.

Ruin prom for everyone, win celebrity and cash prizes. Yeah, that's totally fair, teenagewise speaking.


Big Gay Al handled a similar situation with much more dignity.

(How many progressive bed-wetters will this post piss off?)