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February 3, 2010

Some People Will Do Anything for a College Degree

Posted by The MaryHunter at February 3, 2010 4:30 PM

Not to be outdone in the University of Weird by some kinky Kiwi teenager, this college registrar found a novel way to stimulate coeds toward their diplomas.

Karl Woodgett, 37, former registrar at the University of Surrey and the University of Bath, already had a lucrative sideline selling degrees to African women when he came up with a way of satisfying his sexual desires at the same time.
He told the women that his name was Dave and that he could offer them a degree in return for their help with a "pain management study". The spanking sessions with two women from Cameroon were videotaped.

The bogus-degrees-for-cash scam also had a flair for the creative:

Woodgett set prices ranging from £500 for a 2.2 undergraduate degree to £1,000 for a Master's with distinction. [Prosecutor] Mr Ward said: "This was the start of a mail-order business run along the lines of a fast-food takeaway, where customers recorded their orders with a number."
Woodgett used a colleague's password to insert the names of bogus candidates into a degree database for approval by senior officials at the University of Bath's senate meetings. He then obtained blank degree certificates by claiming he was conducting a printing review.

Countless youth worldwide have been inculcated by an educated elite class to embrace the specious argument that a college education is an automatic path to success. Indeed, a college degree can nearly double one's annual earnings. (Hah, tell that to Rush Limbaugh.) However, if that drive toward a degree -- especially among the less advantaged -- divorces one from simple common sense (not to mention, honesty), there will always be plenty of parasites in Academia like Woodgett who will prey upon the unwise, offering them in return only a real-world education in humiliation.

Mr. Karl Woodgett, Professor of Perversity. (Image credit: Times Online.)

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