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February 4, 2010

All the American History You Need to Know Started after 1877

Posted by The MaryHunter at February 4, 2010 6:49 AM

According to a new curriculum proposal for North Carolina high schools, American history before 1877 would become irrelevant. Instead of exploring the heroic stories of the founding of our nation, or appreciating the nuances of that fierce battle to end slavery, students would instead learn how to be eco-sensitive, enviro-savvy world citizens.

Right now, high school students learn world history in the ninth grade, civics and economics in the tenth and the entirety of U.S. history in the eleventh grade. Under the proposed change, all ninth graders wouldn't study world history. Instead, they''ll have to take a course called Global Studies focusing on the modern issues like the environment.
Tenth graders will still get Civics and Economics, while the junior year U.S. history class would start in 1877. State officials say events prior to that year will be taught before high school and also incorporated into the sophomore year Civics class.

Education on complex issues underlying world and American history doesn't even begin until high school in any meaningful sense. But hey, that's OK, academics. Go ahead, pack our youth's minds full of mythical non-scientific hoax-istry and cherry-picked world events that celebrate the progressive. Continue to suppress the memory of old dead white guys and open up discussion on the merits of Aztlan. Just do it, lower the baseline for education in America once again.

The teachers' unions and academic elitists will stop at nothing to indoctrinate our next generation with their slanted view of reality.

The dumbing down of America continues.