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February 28, 2010

Dallas Tea Party

Posted by Dave Blount at February 28, 2010 12:08 PM

The Tea Party phenomenon rolls on. Compliments of JustAl, a few shots of the event in Dallas yesterday:






Despite the invitation, Keith Olbermann didn't show. He must have been afraid he would encounter too much of the diversity he likes to shriek about:

Alfonzo "Zo" Rachel, one of several black speakers on Saturday, accused Olbermann and other liberal pundits of painting the Tea Party as unwelcoming to anyone but conservative white Christians.
"Now, answer this," he shouted to the crowd. "Am I welcome here?"
The response was a thunderous affirmation.
Organizers said the lineup of speakers had nothing to do with Olbermann's jab.
"This has been set for four weeks," said Phillip Dennis, founder of the Dallas group. "There were no speaker changes. This is just the way it worked out." …
Many in the crowd, including Elida Muñoz of Carrollton, worry that programs like national health insurance are inevitable steps toward socialism, something she said she saw first-hand in her native Cuba.
"I saw what happened there," Muñoz said, "and what we had in Cuba was very much like this. So when the Tea Party started, I jumped in. I don't want [what happened in Cuba] to happen again."

Of course, the diversity that really scares Olby et al. is the ideological kind that deviates from politically correct incremental Marxism. Fortunately, they're safe from that inside their MSM bubble.

PS: Other locales that held First Anniversary Tea Parties include NYC, St. Louis, and Temecula, California. El Marco has a great birthday tribute to the Tea Party movement at Looking at the Left.