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February 19, 2010

America the Ungovernable?

Posted by The MaryHunter at February 19, 2010 7:35 AM

Charles Krauthammer observes that the moaning from lefty talking heads about how ungovernable America has become due to partisan bickering (meaning, it's the fault of the Republicans) is simply a recapitulation of what we heard form the chattering class during the dark days of the failed Carter presidency. It's not the nation that is ungovernable, argues Krauthammer, it is a lack of presidential leadership that prevents the nation from being governed.

The tyranny of entitlements? Reagan collaborated with Tip O'Neill, the legendary Democratic House speaker, to establish the Alan Greenspan commission that kept Social Security solvent for a quarter-century.
A corrupted system of taxation? Reagan worked with liberal Democrat Bill Bradley to craft a legislative miracle: tax reform that eliminated dozens of loopholes and slashed rates across the board -- and fueled two decades of economic growth.
Later, a highly skilled Democratic president, Bill Clinton, successfully tackled another supposedly intractable problem: the culture of intergenerational dependency. He collaborated with another House speaker, Newt Gingrich, to produce the single most successful social reform of our time, the abolition of welfare as an entitlement.
It turned out that the country's problems were not problems of structure but of leadership. Reagan and Clinton had it. Carter didn't. Under a president with extensive executive experience, good political skills and an ideological compass in tune with the public, the country was indeed governable.

History appears to be in full Carter-repeat mode with Obama, thanks to a sleepwalking electorate lulled into Hopeychange by an empty suit with a teleprompter. But Americans are actually waking up sooner this time to the utter failure of this presidency, and it's not only reflected in the polls. Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts bear out in the voting booth that which we dedicated conservative patriots already knew: the scourge of this nation that is Obama (and Reid and Pelosi) must be, and can be, rejected. Our proud country, despite its faults, deserves so much more than this.


Now, this was governance.