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January 20, 2010

Obama's Minions Set to Thwart Medical Advances

Posted by The MaryHunter at January 20, 2010 10:35 AM

Just because Scott Brown won in Massachusetts, just because Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says that any future Senate ObamaCare bill is DOA, doesn't mean that our nation's health care is safe. Ignoring Nancy Pelosi's threats for the moment, there are other, more insidious forces that are eroding the future of American medicine. The type of medical innovation that made America's medical system the envy of the world in many ways -- especially as regards drug discovery -- is poised to be thwarted by the very Dear Leader who claimed to want top notch, affordable care for all Americans. Sure, the industry has been Dear Leader's whipping boy as far back as the 2008 campaign:

Indeed, Mr. Obama has chosen his enemies with care. During the election of 2008, he routinely bludgeoned health insurers and drug companies. He stopped berating the pharmaceuticals when they pledged millions to back his top priority, health reform. The insurers remain a convenient whipping boy, disliked as they are by anyone who's ever had a claim rejected.
The drug companies also are likely to return to the bad list as soon as health reform is resolved. Any group that is rich and generally disliked will almost certainly be eyed for a tax increase by the president.

Obama's populist attacks are going as limp as Michelle's rotten organic veggies this frozen winter, but his political appointments to the FDA are his covert means of attacking those Evil Drug Companies. Just examine some of their qualifications:

The vast majority of FDA employees are civil servants; unlike some other federal agencies, FDA has only a handful of political appointees, but most of President Obama's choices for them have been radical and inappropriate:
Joshua Sharfstein, deputy FDA commissioner, who will, in effect, direct all day-to-day operations of the agency, has a history of anti-drug-industry bias that dates from his days in medical school.
Ralph S. Tyler is a newly appointed general counsel whose main qualification seems to be that he is a crony of Mr. Sharfstein's. This is a position that demands an independent, smart lawyer who is highly knowledgeable about food-and-drug law, but Mr. Tyler's last job was as insurance commissioner of Maryland. He lacks any experience with FDA-related legal issues, and he surely will be in the pocket of his buddy Mr. Sharfstein.
Peter Lurie, senior policy adviser, who previously was at the rabidly anti-drug, anti-industry, self-styled public-interest group Public Citizen. The appointment of someone with similarly strong pro-industry views would be widely condemned.
Lynn Goldman, science adviser. This is a risible choice because while she was a senior EPA official in the Clinton administration, Ms. Goldman never met a regulation she didn't like and oversaw extremely radical, unscientific policy- and decision-making, especially toward chemicals and biotechnology. She grossly misrepresented agency biotechnology policy in published statements. Her appointment is another illustration of the inside-the-Beltway adage that no bad deed goes unrewarded.

If the likes of Sharfstein, Tyler, Lurie and Goldman are allowed to run rough shot over the regulation-scape of the FDA, you can say good bye to competitiveness and innovation in this crucial industry, which is so critical to keeping our nation's medical care second to none.

Mr. Obama's choices for pivotal positions are a time bomb more devastating than that wielded by any terrorist. Throughout the government - policy by policy, decision by decision - his minions will damage the nation's competitiveness, ability to innovate and capacity to create wealth. They exemplify what Newsweek and Washington Post contributing editor Robert Samuelson has called a "parody of leadership." Perhaps, like the Christmas Day terrorist, these appointees will succeed only in setting their own pants on fire - but that's not the kind of change we were promised.

Even with the Massachusetts Miracle and the potential for an even more profound realignment come November against Obama, the Democrats, and their progressive policies, the damage that Dear Leader can inflict in the name of his Hopeychange Socialism is worth fearing.

Obama gears up to flush America's drug industry.

Assisted with tips from Bergbiker and Penelope.