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January 29, 2010

NY Times: Monogamy Is for Losers

Posted by Gregory of Yardale at January 29, 2010 2:13 PM

An article in the New York Waste of Times proudly informs us that not only are at least 50% of partnered homosexuals in "open" relationships, they think that's a great model for heterosexuals to emulate, too.

That transparency can make relationships stronger, said Joe Quirk, author of the best-selling relationship book It's Not You, It's Biology "The combination of freedom and mutual understanding can foster a unique level of trust," Mr. Quirk, of Oakland, said. "The traditional American marriage is in crisis, and we need insight," he said, citing the fresh perspective gay couples bring to matrimony. "If innovation in marriage is going to occur, it will be spearheaded by homosexual marriages."

Gee, I thought homosexual marriage activists always said they weren't out to change the traditional meaning of marriage, they just wanted "equality." Well, I guess that was a load of bullsh-t.

Good thing I never believed them in the first place.


You know what else I've noticed? A conspicuous absence in the MSM of jokes about John Edwards's boorish infidelity to his cancer-stricken wife. When Mark Sanford was revealed to have an Argentinian mistress, the jokes about "hiking the Appalachian Trail" flew fast and furious. But here we have a buffoon who knocked up a woman he hired as a campaign aide and then lied about for a year, and the late-night comedians... just can't bring themselves to joke about it. This is a fifty-something guy who railed at a twenty-something campaign associate, "Why didn't you come to me like a f--king man and tell me to stop f--king her?" and that's less tragically hilarious than hiking the Appalachian trail?