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January 9, 2010

Multi-Billion-Dollar Payoff to SEIU, AFSCME Expected from ObamaCare

Posted by The MaryHunter at January 9, 2010 1:20 PM

In case you didn't know, unions stand to gain fabulously if when Obama/Pelosi/Reid health care reform passes. Given who had been the most frequent visitor to the White House in 2009, this is no surprise:

According to SEIU's numbers submitted to the Obama transition organization (The National Heath Care Workforce Enhancement Initiative, 12/3/2008), public sector labor bosses like Stern and AFSCME's Gerald McEntee have 21.1 million reasons to support ObamaCare. After the November election, Stern's SEIU submitted the following health occupation numbers to Rahm Emmanuel et al. at Obama, Inc.:
...there are currently 17.6 million jobs in health care settings or in health occupations nationally, accounting for almost 12% of the workforce. In addition to nursing and direct care workers, the United States faces looming personnel shortages in many health professions such as physicians and pharmacists.
Overall, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that we will need 3.5 million more workers to meet the [current] increasing demand of health care services.
That's 21.1 million workers that SEIU and AFSCME expect will eventually become federal or state employees; employees that Stern and McEntee could force into their unions by the stroke of a Presidential pen.
If the average dues were just $75 a month, 100% participation would translate into $19 billion per year in forced union dues for SEIU and AFSCME. That's a big piece of pie!

There has been chatter among talking heads that unions are sore at Obama because their members could be taxed for their near-Cadillac health plans. However, don't sell union leaders short on their pure cynicism, even if their membership suffers under the draconian ObamaCare penalties on high-end health insurance plans:

It is true that everyone in the country will be hurt by the current Obamacare policies, it is true that everyone will experience less healthcare coverage at higher costs, it is true that government will ration healthcare and the elderly and very young will find less access to healthcare, it is true that government will destroy the best healthcare in the world. But the bosses of [...] SEIU and [...] AFSCME, Andy Stern and Gerald McEntee, feel that the trade offs will be worth the loss.
[...] Stern and McEntee just don't give a flying fig if their members lose the wonderful healthcare plans they now have (and they will if Obamacare is passed). After all, if Obamacare wins, so do the unions.... and BIG!
Andy Stern: Hey, let's both screw AND grow the membership, while we line our pockets.

Hat tips: RightWingNews and BigGovernment.

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