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December 15, 2009

Stimulus Money to Pay Students for Grades

Posted by The MaryHunter at December 15, 2009 7:09 AM

Now, here's a great Nanny State deal for you students out there. Remember how your ma and pa used to pay you for getting good grades? Well never fear, now colleges are doing the same thing:

A number of public colleges and universities have said that they used federal stimulus funds to avoid or minimize tuition increases. Fort Hays State University may have a unique way to use the funds to help with college costs: It is paying students $5 for each credit they earn with a grade of C or higher. (Courses are typically three or four credits.)

(Does somebody want to explain how a program like this actually helps to create jobs in our fragile economy? Isn't that what the Porkulus package was all about: putting people to work? Ahh, but we digress...)

This Kansas college, flush with $2.8 million in porkulus money, had to do something with it. Some resourceful educators thought, hey, we just had to increase tuition, so why don't we use some of Obama's loot to incentivize students to get at least a C. Yes, a C. We need to look this up, but doesn't "C" stand for "all you need to do to get this grade is just show up"?

A spokesman for the university said Thursday that he hadn't heard of any discussion on campus about the appropriateness of paying for grades, and said that while it may not be common practice among colleges, "it's not among some parents."

No word, however, if students earning below a C are forced to pay the institution for getting failing grades. Back in The Day, middle and high school students who got, e.g., $5 for an A, $2.50 for a B, and nothing for a C, had to pay their folks $5 for anything worse.

The funny thing is: like so many of the Mysterious Porkulus Projects out there that are apparently benefiting our nation and creating jobs, the FHSU students don't even seem to be aware of this one:

But judging from an article this week in The University Leader, the student newspaper, the refund plan may not have had much of an impact on student behavior this semester. The article quoted the student body president as saying most students didn't know about the program. And the article quoted several students who will benefit as saying that they were surprised.


"World ready" -- that is, for Obama's Hopeychangey Porkulus Nanny-State World.

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