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December 29, 2009

Science Labs Cut to Bring Students Down to Lowest Common Denominator

Posted by Dave Blount at December 29, 2009 10:06 AM

Here's how an education system run by moonbats reduces us all to the lowest level:

Berkeley High School is considering a controversial proposal to eliminate science labs and the five science teachers who teach them to free up more resources to help struggling students.
The proposal to put the science-lab cuts on the table was approved recently by Berkeley High's School Governance Council, a body of teachers, parents, and students who oversee a plan to change the structure of the high school to address Berkeley's dismal racial achievement gap, where white students are doing far better than the state average while black and Latino students are doing worse.

According to establishment ideology, all white people deserve to be punished for being racists. However, what moonbattery actually punishes isn't white skin, but excellence.

Sincular-Mertens, who has taught science at BHS for 24 years, said the possible cuts will impact her black students as well. She says there are twelve African-American males in her AP classes and that her four environmental science classes are 17.5 percent African American and 13.9 percent Latino. "As teachers, we are greatly saddened at the thought of losing the opportunity to help all of our students master the skills they need to find satisfaction and success in their education," she told the board.

Rather than excellence, liberals believe in its antithesis, egalitarianism. If some students achieve more than others, that is a not a cause for just pride, but a crime against equality; they must be cut down to size.

When progressive utopia has been attained, no student will be allowed to achieve more than the dumbest, laziest punk in the class.

On a tip from Lee.